Elf Earbuds Transform Music Lovers Into Fantastical Characters When Worn

There are those who want to discreetly enjoy their music, and there are others who want to infuse some fantasy into their listening experience. For the latter group, Chinese retailer Taobao has the perfect product—Elf Ear Headphones. Once these audio accessories are slipped on, they seemingly transform the wearer into a whimsical creature. Attached to the standard silicone buds are long, pointed faux ears that sit atop the wearer’s human ones and make them look distinctly elfish.

The Elf Ear Headphones are a deviation from a conventional set of earbuds—in both their style and purpose. Normally, this type of device is sleek and favors discretion over flash. However, this pointy variety is a statement making trend that has caught the attention of people in China. It offers a balance of functionality and playfulness that combines technology and cosplay into one convenient device.

Elf Ear Headphones: Taobao
via [Bored Panda]

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