Enchanting Resin Mushroom Lights Sprout From Discarded Driftwood

Japanese artist Yukio Takano is well-versed in the whimsical art of “great mushrooming.” Inspired by the environment and intrigued by the storybook-esque charm of toadstools, Takano combines found driftwood with synthetic materials to create enchanting and impressively lifelike sculptures of luminous mushrooms.

Takano’s fairytale-like fungi are as realistic as they are beautiful. Each sculpture is composed of luminous mushrooms and a discarded driftwood base from which they sprout. The spores are handcrafted out of resin and fitted with hidden LED lights, which are controlled by a simple switch and powered by cleverly concealed batteries. Once lit, the mushrooms’ caps function as miniature lampshades, emitting a gentle glow and softly illuminating their surroundings. Additionally, the magical mushrooms range in size, from big and bulky to delicate and dainty, and they come in a rainbow range of captivating colors—from soft blues and warm yellows to beaming reds and neon greens. Takano also experiments with different caps, stems, and heights, illustrating his in-depth interest in and comprehensive knowledge of the wonderful world of fungi.

Takano has been crafting and selling his bewitching models for years. Unfortunately, given their tremendously fragile nature, he does not ship them abroad—but you can still gaze upon the mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind works below.

Yukio Takano: Website | Blog
via [Colossal]

All images via Yukio Takano.

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