BMW Customized to Look Like a Post-Apocalyptic Car Covered in Rust

While most people are looking to keep rust off their car, singer Austin Mahone was after the opposite effect when he commissioned MetroWrapz to customize his BMW i8. Some people want a “vintage” effect without waiting for nature to take its course, so the Florida-based company created a reversible wrap that gives the $140,700 vehicle its rusty skin. The final effect will surely have people doing a double-take on the highway, as the sleek contemporary lines of the vehicle make a sharp contrast with the oxidized finish.

The look, which costs $6,000, was achieved by innovating a custom, double-layered oxidized wrap. Taking a few days to complete, the layers were brushed with chemicals in different stages to obtain the golden orange color of rust. And just to create a higher contrast, gold Vossen rims were added, complementing the warm tones of the finish. You might ask why someone would do this to their BMW. For one, it’ll save having to hide any eventual rust patches created by Florida’s salty, ocean air. Secondly, it gives the chance to live out a post-apocalyptic fantasy on the open road. And lastly, why not?

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All images via MetroWrapz.

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