Fiery Ombre-Colored Hair Reveals a Brilliantly Dazzling Glow-in-the-Dark Effect

It’s been a great year for hair. From mermaid-inspired locks to gray ombre, one thing is clear: unconventional coloring is a stunner each and every time. Stylist Guy Tang is a master at these awe-inspiring looks, and his latest project is just as alluring in the dark as it is in the daylight. Known as glow-in-the-dark hair, the model’s locks transform from fiery hues to dazzling brilliance when under a black light.

To make this style possible took the work of someone like Tang—a hair-colorist extraordinaire—to go through multiple steps and types of dyes. First, he bleached the hair and then brushed on special neon dyes (fuchsia, yellow, orange, and red) in an ombre-like pattern. The results, in sunlight, are like a brilliant molten lava, but it’s when the lights go off that the magic happens. As the wind whips the model’s hair, her blindingly-bright locks seemingly have a mind of their own.

One potential drawback of this hair is the distinct lack of black lights present in everyday life. Tang pointed out, however, that the gym is the perfect setting to showcase the hair’s double identity. “Imagine her in a spinning class with black lights on?” He wrote on Instagram. “She will be glowing!”

Here’s glow-the-dark hair in action:

In daylight, you’d never know this hairstyle held such a dazzling secret:

Guy Tang: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube
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