Graphic Designer Reimagines Iconic Buildings with Kaleidoscopic Colors

Brooklyn-based “media-agnostic designer” Ramzy Masri believes in a “brighter world through design.” While this colorful approach is evident in his sleek and stylish graphics and bold typographic projects, it is particularly—and quite literally—apparent in #spectrumedit, his polychromatic collection of colorized buildings and scenes of city life.

To create each vibrant piece, Masri starts with an architectural photograph that inspires him. None of the photos featured in #spectrumedit are taken by the artist. Rather, he appropriates images from his favorite Instagrammers and transforms them into experimental, colorful creations—with this approach, the featured locations are limitless. In addition to the New York sites that surround him, Masri has also spruced up scenes of Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, and Lisbon. Fittingly, the skilled photo editor shares his series exclusively on his Instagram page.

In #spectrumedit, both intimate interiors and grand-scale exteriors receive the technicolor treatment. Masri edits the images in meticulous detail, dying everything from individual bricks to tiny window panes in wonderful washes of color. Once colorized, the inside of Los Angeles’ famous Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall resembles an abstract painting, while museum hallways and atriums become colossal kaleidoscopes. Similarly, the familiar art deco façade of the Empire State Building is transformed into a dazzling display of pastel pigments, while San Francisco’s famous “Painted Ladies”—a row of already-colorful Victorian homes—are turned into a radiant rainbow.

With his focus on capturing and creating art that is both beautiful and uplifting, Masri uses #spectrumedit to challenge traditional perspectives and invite you to “find the rainbow in your day tomorrow.” 

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All images via Ramzy Masri.

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