Hand-Painted Tights Create the Illusion of Striking Tattoos Inked on Your Legs

Many of us admire tattoos, but not everyone wants to take the plunge and get one permanently inked on their body. Luckily, there are alternatives that allow you to sport faux body art without lifelong commitment. TATUL is a “tattoo tights” shop that features hand-painted motifs over nude-colored stockings. When worn, all that’s seen is the design—creating the illusion that your bare skin suddenly has some fantastic new ink.

Silvana Ilieva, the brainchild behind TATUL, calls her painting method a “modern interpretation of ancient Asian techniques.” By taking this approach, the design’s colors are softer and warmer, plus they are stronger and more durable. This way, subjects like flowers, trees, and cats will retain their shape and detailing, outfit after outfit.

TATUL currently sells a variety of socks and tights through Etsy.

TATUL: Etsy | Facebook
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