Guy and His Beloved Dog Look Alike, So They Dress in Adorable Matching Outfits

In the unbreakable bond between an animal and their human, the two are sometimes so close that they can start to look alike. When Topher Brophy met the adorable Aussiedoodle dog Rosenberg, they became fast friends. As Brophy explained to The Dodo, “Rosenberg has a temperament unlike any dog I’ve ever met. He has an almost regal sense of tranquility, confidence and inner wisdom.” This perfect pairing was made even better by a remarkable coincidence—Brophy and Rosenberg look oddly similar.

The two chose to embrace their similarities—eye color, long hair, and untamed beards—by wearing matching outfits. Their sartorial choices range from practical, everyday attire like plaid shirts and vests as well as more playful costumes such as hippies, sailors, and cowboys. Miraculously, Brophy always manages to find Rosenberg the exact same clothes, just in a much smaller size. And when it comes to posing, the two are on the same wave-length—their facial expressions parallel one another in a seemingly effortless way.

The endearing and amusing arrangement just makes sense to Brophy. “We look so much alike physically, and do everything together, so dressing the same just feels natural for us.” See what they’re rocking next by following Brophy’s Instagram.

Tropher Brophy: Instagram
Rosenberg the Dog: Instagram

via [The Dodo]

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