Surreal Architectural Sculptures Mimic the Hectic Lines of Quick Pencil Sketches

Barcelona-based artist David Moreno pairs sketching with sculpture to create inventive installations that play with space and experiment with dimensionality. He describes his artistic process as “trying to draw sculptures”—an approach that is particularly apparent in his sketch-like, architecture-inspired series of avant-garde works.

Each piece is first conceptualized as a line drawing composed of quick strokes and seemingly out-of-control contours. Moreno then uses the raw drawing to render a three-dimensional interpretation of the design. He employs steel rods, piano wire (strong steel cables used as piano strings), and paint to compose each piece. Each structure is shaped using a cross-hatch technique, which suggests pencil-produced shading and a sense of depth through a range of tones.

Though abstract portraits and reimagined chairs often appear in Moreno’s sculptural oeuvre, homes—often simplistically conveyed as squares topped with sloping roofs—comprise his signature subject matter. His architectural interpretations vary in composition; some are studies of single houses, while others resemble towns or villages. Since the works are either hung on the wall or situated on delicate stilts, Moreno refers to them as “floating sculptures”—an otherworldly title that emphasizes their fragile nature and conveys the artist’s imaginative approach to his work.

You can see more of Moreno’s distinctive drawings-come-to-life on Instagram.

David Moreno: InstagramBehance
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All images via David Moreno.

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