Guy Helps Sea Turtles By Removing Barnacles From Their Shells

Sea Turtle

Picture: Jessica Wong

Barnacles are a significantly sticky kind of crustacean that enjoy to connect themselves to tricky surfaces these types of as rocks and ships. Even so, in some cases, the maritime creatures also adhere to the shells of sea turtles. A one barnacle doesn’t damage a turtle and will typically go unnoticed even so, if much too lots of barnacles connect them selves to the turtle’s shell, it can lead to significant difficulties. Luckily nevertheless, just one person in Sri Lanka acknowledged as Chika Boy is serving to his nearby sea turtles by taking away their barnacles.

In a new movie shared on YouTube, Chika Boy reveals how he assists one unique turtle who is coated in numerous barnacles. Even though it is not clear that the turtle is suffering, the tiny crustaceans can sometimes direct to an infection, they can make feeding on tricky, and they can even lead to the turtle to have bad vision. “The overloading of barnacles will avoid the turtle from going and swimming adequately,” describes Chika Boy. “Then the turtle will become slower than typical mainly because of amplified weight on the turtle’s shell, it will locate it hard to search for foodstuff.” He adds, “Also, if the barnacles are hooked up around the turtle’s eyes, its vision will get impacted. Barnacles hooked up close to the mouth of the turtle are also destructive. The turtle will not be capable to try to eat properly because of to too much barnacles.”

Chika Boy makes use of a cleaver knife to very carefully prise off every single barnacle. Some are easier to take out than some others, but inevitably, he manages to take out every single solitary a single. Chika Boy then provides the turtle again to the seashore, in which it’s captured happily scurrying in direction of the ocean. In one more, comparable movie, Chika Boy rescues a various sea turtle tangled in a fishing net, and eliminates all of its barnacles, far too. Thanks to the variety character lover, these susceptible sea creatures have another person to glimpse out for them.

Check out out how Chika Boy gets rid of barnacles from a sea turtle below, and find extra of his video clips on YouTube.

This male in Sri Lanka can help his nearby sea turtles by removing their barnacles.

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All photos through CHIKA BOY.

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