Handfelted Cat “Caves” Give Felines a Cozy Place to Curl Up

As all cat owners know, nothing excites our feline friends more than finding the perfect place for a cat nap. Whether curled up on our laps or happily squeezed into anything they can (almost) fit into, cats simply love to be cozy—a fact that has inspired Elevele, a small family-run business and Etsy shop, to craft toasty-warm cat beds, baskets, and even original “caves.”

Elevele is run by Klaidas and Elena, a husband and wife who live in Lithuania with their cat, Rainis. Klaidas is the shop’s creator, Elena is the designer and maker, and lucky little Rainis is the “product tester and model.”  Elena first experimented with felting four years ago. One day, she noticed Rainis—who, at the time, was a kitten—sound asleep in a slipper she had recently crafted. She decided to produce a bigger “slipper” for the slumbering kitten—and so began her current passion!

Each Elevele dwelling provides the perfect place for both cats and kittens (and even little pups!) to snuggle up. The quirky cat cave features a snug, closed design and a comfy layer of cotton and linen batting, making it an ideal kitty hiding place (and an even better spot to snooze). Similarly, Elevele’s beds and baskets offer cats a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place to relax, with an open-top design and beautifully crafted details. Each comfy creation has been hand-felted by Elena from three simple ingredients: olive soap, water, and Bergschaf wool—a luxuriously soft and natural wool sheared from sheep found in Italy and Austria. In addition to natural materials, Elena also often incorporates nature-related motifs into her designs. “The entire collection includes interpretations of a flower, a leaf and a hornet’s nest,” she says on her website. “I experiment with different fibers and materials to create new textures and maintain caves’ shape unchanged.”

You can find the cuddly cat beds on Elevele’s Etsy shop. And, with both made-to-order and ready-to-ship options, it truly is the cat’s meow!

Elevele also creates baskets and beds for cats to comfortably lounge in.

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All images via Elevele.

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