Vibrant Animal Paintings Bursting with Colorful Spirit Are Lifted Off the Page

Artist Katy Lipscomb creates colorful portraits of animals that showcase their inner spirits. Using a rainbow-inspired palette, she produces mixed-media drawings and paintings that are realistic representations of wolves, deer, lions, and more, but expressed with jewel-toned hues like magenta and turquoise. This bold approach—contained within wispy shapes reminiscent of smoke—gives the work a fantastical feel, as if these creatures are summoned by magic.

Some of Lipscomb’s most striking pieces jump off the page and into her hands. To create this illusion, she has painted wolves and cut them out like paper dolls. Then, as if she’s a giant from a fairy tale, Lipscomb playfully lifts these vibrant characters and dangles them in the air. This three-dimensional approach adds another level of imagination to her work that transforms the still portraits into a fanciful story.

Lipscomb’s 2D portraits also offer a beautiful fusion of fluid color and intricate details:

Katy Lipscomb: Instagram | Facebook | Deviant Art
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Written by Peter Thompson


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