LEAF is the World’s First FDA-Registered Transparent Face Mask

LEAF Transparent Face Mask

Wearing a face mask may keep us healthy, but it’s certainly changing the way we interact in public. Suddenly, a simple friendly smile isn’t so easy to give and receive. With this in mind, the LEAF mask is looking to give us back our expressive identity thanks to its FDA-registered, clear mask. Equipped with a N99+ HEPA filter, there are three models to fit your needs—LEAF Hepa, LEAF UV, and LEAF Pro.

“We designed Leaf to be transparent so we could be our normal selves even in abnormal times,” states the LEAF team. Created by Redcliffe Medical Devices in Michigan, the masks are packed with features that make them both effective and user friendly. This includes a permanent anti-fog coating on the inside that makes the mask self-cleaning and helps your smile stay visible at all times.

Two of the models, LEAF UV and LEAF Pro, are even equipped with a UV-C light built into the filter housing that destroys pathogens at a DNA level. This allows the HEPA filter to be usable for up to a month. Additionally, they have a permanent anti-microbial and hydrophobic coating on the exterior that has been tested to destroy 99.99% of a wide variety of microbes. And, as an extra level of protection, they include a carbon filter.

Woman Wearing a Transparent Face Mask

To keep the view of the face free and clear, LEAF has cleverly housed their filter system in the chin area of the mask. Users can even decide whether they prefer head straps or ear straps, as well as the color of the exhaust lip and intake valves.

For those who like technology, the LEAF Pro works in tandem with an iOS/Android app to control ventilation and check air quality in your immediate area. It will also give you information about your metabolism and CO2 levels.

LEAF’s transparent design means that there’s no need to remove your face mask to use your phone’s face recognition technology. And it also means that you can enter any area where your identity must be verified, whether it’s a government building or airport customs, while keeping your mask in place. LEAF is also incredible for the deaf community, as it will enable lip reading and make communication easier.

With four different sizes available, LEAF works for everyone ages three and up. Right now, LEAF is available via Indiegogo (starting at $49), where it’s already raised over $1.4 million.

LEAF is an FDA-registered transparent face mask with 99.99% filtration.

LEAF Transparent Face Mask

There are three different models available via Indiegogo.

LEAF Transparent Face Mask

Learn more about why LEAF is leading the way in face mask technology.

LEAF: Website | IndiegogoTwitter
h/t: [Yanko Design]

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