Like to Cook as Much as Monica Geller? You Need a Friends Slow Cooker

Friends Slow Cooker

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If you love to cook as much as Monica Geller does, then you’ll want to add a Friends-themed slow cooker to your collection of kitchen gadgets. The handy device is adorned with drawings that signify some of the most memorable parts of the series. The doodles include the couch from the Central Perk coffee shop as well as the gold frame that hangs on the door of Monica and Rachel’s apartment. In addition to the drawings, the surface decoration features memorable quotes like Joey’s iconic “How you doin’?” and “Pivot!” from when Ross, Chandler, and Rachel tried to move a large couch up a flight of stairs.

The Friends-themed cooker is available in two sizes. It is sold as a six-quart pot or as a triple-cooker that has three two-and-a-half-quart vessels. When you buy the six-quart pot, you have the option of programming the time. The three-vessel cooker doesn’t have that feature, but you can individually control the temperature setting for each pot. Plus, it’s great for hosting a get-together as it includes serving spoons with integrated spoon slots.

Both Friends slow cookers—six quart and triple cooker—are available from Hot Topic.

Do you love to cook as much as Monica Geller does? You’ll want this Friends slow cooker in your kitchen.

Friends Slow Cooker

There are two versions. One is a programmable six-quart pot:

Friends Slow CookerFriends Slow Cooker

The other is a triple slow cooker:

Friends Slow CookerTriple Slow CookerTriple Slow CookerTriple Slow Cooker

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All images via Hot Topic.

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