Luminous Watercolor Paintings Capture the Captivating Colors of Nature

Russian watercolor and vector artist Dina Lepchenkova uses light and tonal color to produce exquisitely delicate paintings. Her luminous works capture snapshots of her surroundings—from bare trees in the snow to cafes bathed in sunlight—and evoke the fleeting and sublime beauty of nature.

Lepchenkova uses a wide range of colors in her craft. Through her expert use of various tones and shades, she is able to create depth and perspective in each piece.  While she typically sticks to a light and airy palette of jewel-like colors, the pastel tones are often offset and accentuated by deep shadows. She also takes advantage of the white of her canvas, leaving it exposed to illuminate each scene in a way that appears effortless and natural. The result is work that is simultaneously radiant and strikingly soft. 

The artist posts her delightful oeuvre on Instagram, where followers can catch a glimpse of her “bright hand drawn world.” Unlike most artists’ Instagram portfolios, however, Lepchenkova’s curated collection transcends pictures of completed pieces; she also posts shots of her materials, preliminary color experiments, video tutorials detailing her process, and even a peek into her “family, travel, everyday life.”

In addition to sweeping landscapes and charming outdoor scenes, the artist also creates greeting cards. The delightful stationery is adorned with both festive holiday motifs and paintings perfect for everyday “hellos,” proving that Lepchenkova’s shop has a card for every beautiful occasion.

Dina Lepchenkova: Instagram | Shop | Behance
via [Culture N Lifestyle]

All images via Dina Lepchenkova.

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