Antique Books Repurposed as Elegant Jewelry Boxes and Vintage Lamps

A house full of books is a home which feels warm, cozy, and full of love—but books don’t always have to be shelf decorations. The team at Fox & Dye Design repurpose discarded antique books by hollowing them out to be used as unique jewelry boxes and lamps. Jewelry boxes are handcrafted by layering hollowed-out classics to form a top flap and a pullout drawer for all of your most precious pearls. Each box is lined with a colorfully patterned fabric, which complements the original book covers and protects your jewels from scratches. Vintage-style wooden knobs are also added to increase the feeling that you’ve stepped back in time.

Books can take us temporarily out of our own lives and put us in someone else’s shoes. For a chapter or two, we can wear someone else’s jewelry. Books can also illuminate new ideas and perspectives of the world, which Fox & Dye Design allude to with their homemade book lamps. Modern reproductions of Edison Bulbs are fused to the hardback covers of books, and can be switched on and off with a simple metal pole switch. The glow is not your standard bulb intensity—it’s dim and romantic. Though it may not the best choice if you actually want to read, Fox & Dye Design explain, ”They are geared more towards decor rather than use, so please don’t expect one of these bulbs to light up your entire living room. There’s no denying how cool these bulbs look, but if you prefer, these lamps will also work with any standard household light bulb.” Nevertheless, the designer’s products remind us of the incredible timeless and creative quality that books possess.

You can peruse all of Fox & Dye Design’s novel pieces on its Etsy page.

Don’t be in the dark. Fox and Dye Design makes book lamps, too.

Fox & Dye Design: Etsy
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