Modern Parisian Apartment’s Hardwood Floor Seamlessly Doubles as a Kitchen Table

Creative duo Mathurin Hardel and Cyril Le Bihan comprise Hardel + Lebihan Architects—a Paris-based architectural team that dabbles in the design of offices, hotels, educational facilities, and unique and modern homes, like Maison DDD

The 250-square-meter private flat is located in Paris’ 20th arrondissement. Though its aesthetic is classically minimalist, it features a unique and imaginative twist: a cantilever table that seamlessly emerges from the boards of hardwood floors. At first, this design may sound impossible, but the apartment’s layout is perfectly suited for such an inventive accent.

While the open-plan kitchen and living room are adjacent to one another, the former is slightly lower than the latter. Situated in a cozy nook, the kitchen is accessible via a tiny flight of stairs. Once inside the alcove, the floor of the living room is at perfect tabletop height—so Hardel + Lebihan simply extended it! The result is a one-of-a-kind, site-specific dinner table that is as avant-garde as it is practical.

Hardel+LiBihan Architects: Website 
via [Contemporist]

All images via Camille Gharbi.

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