Parents are Sharing Daughters Dressed in Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costumes

There are many ways to celebrate the legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. One way that the internet is paying homage to this incredible woman is by playing dress-up—sort of. Parents are sharing pictures of their daughters dressed as the Notorious R.B.G. for school events and holidays. Accompanying the cute photos are messages that highlight the impact that she’s had on young girls with their entire futures in front of them.

The girls look at Ginsburg as a superhero. According to several of the tweets shared, these kids chose to dress up as her during “hero days” at school or for presentations on a person that they look up to. “When my daughter was in 2nd grade they had to do a wax museum program,” one woman explained. “Each child had to dress up as someone who they admired and give a short speech about that person. My sweet child dressed up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” Another tweet by Jessica Zeaske featured a group of young girls all dressed as Ginsburg. “We watched as our girls bling-ed out collars for their justice robes and power posed,” she wrote, “and we knew nothing could stop them.”

Scroll down to see some of the costumes and hear about the impact that Ginsburg made.

Parents are celebrating Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy by sharing photos of their daughters dressed as the Supreme Court justice.

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