Playful Animal-Inspired Outerwear Turns Children Into Adorable Creatures When They Wear It

Childhood should be a period in which the imagination thrives, and clothing can play a festive role in this exciting time. Olive and Vince is an online brand—created by two moms named Naomi and Nat—that infuses whimsy into everyday attire with their animal-inspired outerwear. The playful coats and capes are adorned with furry ears and tails, as well as ladybug antennas and bumble-bee stripes. As the child steps into the creature-themed designs, they get to play make-believe and pretend they’re a sly fox, floppy-eared bunny, or black cat.

Many of Olive and Vince creations are subtle in their frivolities, with only ears or furry patches for tails—kids can still wear the garments without looking like they’re dressed for Halloween. In terms of construction, the pieces are produced with high-quality felt for the outer layer and include a medium-weight lining. Plus, the finishings are the same you’d see on adult’s outerwear and feature chunky toggle-style buttons or sweet ribbon to tie.

Olive and Vince boasts “fuss free” clothing for toddlers, and all items are both beautiful as well as comfortable. You can find their entire selection on Etsy.

Olive and Vince: Etsy | Facebook
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