Wooden Pencil Shaped Like a Cherry Blossom Tree “Blooms” Petals as It’s Sharpened

As the world is increasingly digitized, stationary has shifted from being a necessity to a deliberate choice that celebrates the written word. The joy in these products comes from their beauty, and the newly-released Blooming Cherry Blossom Pencil is no exception. A timeless writing utensil with a playful side, it’s a unique homage to Japan’s beloved floral.

The wooden pencil features a five-point shaft whose curved edges evoke a stylized cherry blossom shape. It’s available in two symbolic colors—a light pink that’s based on the Somei Yoshino variety, and a bright pink like the flowers on the Kawazuzakura cherry blossom tree. But the whimsy doesn’t end there: once sharped, the shavings resemble the petals you’d find on the real plant.

The Blooming Cherry Blossom Pencil was the winning submission from a contest held by Sun-Star Stationery based in Tokyo. It won back in 2015, but has only recently come to fruition through the company’s manufacturing. Now for sale, these pencils are intended as a special gift and includes space to write a heartfelt message to the intended recipient.

Sun-Star Stationery: Website
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