See the Most Beautiful Scenic Views on a Train Ride Across Canada for Only $397

If you’ve been searching for the perfect getaway to wrap up your summer, look no further than The Canadian, an affordable adventure offered by Via Rail Canada. Sprawled over nearly 3,000 miles between Toronto and Vancouver, the cross-country journey showcases Canada’s most captivating sites.

With the goal of “bring[ing] the country’s ever-changing landscape to you,” The Canadian provides travelers with an awe-inspiring, up-close look at Canada’s diverse scenery. From the tranquility of the country’s prairie provinces to the hustle and bustle of its stunning city centers, the spectacular views presented by the train aptly demonstrate all that Canada has to offer—for less than $400!

In addition to these budget-friendly tickets—which come with complimentary access to the Skyline car and its panoramic dome as well as affordable meals, snacks, and drinks—the Canadian also offers “Sleeper Plus” and “Prestige” classes. Both options feature entertainment, tastings, and various sleeping options, though “Prestige” steals the show with personal concierge and “all-inclusive epicurean fare as the landscape unfolds before you.”

To book your 3 day/4 night trip aboard the Canadian, head over to the Via Rail Canada website.

The Canadian, one of Via Rail’s affordable Canadian train trips, takes passengers on a scenic, cross-country adventure.

Via Rail the Canadian Train Trips

Photo: trscnfan

The route makes several stops between Vancouver and Toronto, presenting all that Canada has to offer.

Via Rail Canada: Website | FacebookInstagram | Twitter | YouTube
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