Silhouette Photos Tell Whimsical Stories of Human Connection to the Sun

Sun Photos by Krutik Thakur

Halting to recognize a sunset is fantastic for the soul. The night glow in the sky is not only gorgeous to observe, but it permits us to connect with mother nature. 20-year-old Indian photographer Krutik Thakur celebrates the majestic beauty of the Sun with a sequence of playful silhouetted visuals. He incorporates the setting Sun into each individual scene as if it’s a tangible object that his subjects can keep in their arms.

Thakur arrived throughout sunset illustrations or photos online and grew to become fascinated with the style of pictures. He made the decision to instruct himself the abilities desired to capture related images himself. “With some follow and knowledge from YouTube, I acquired how to use a camera,” Thakur tells My Present day Satisfied. “I acquired to know the options and attempted to acquire some artistic photographs.” He carries on, “One day at the seaside, I met two little youngsters and I designed a collection of pictures from diverse angles to make it look like they had been sharing the Sunlight.” Thakur posted the series on social media, in which his followers fell in appreciate with it. The photographer commenced capturing much more magical photos that includes the sunset, and these days, he specializes in the narrative model.

Some photos are planned in progress, while other individuals are spontaneously produced. Thakur searches his surrounding surroundings for props he could include into the shot, but he typically results in cardboard cutouts, way too. In one particular image, a boy retains a cutout of a sunflower towards the sky, building it show up as nevertheless the heart of the flower is the Sun alone. In a further, Thakur produces the illusion of a man reaching into a best hat to pull the Sunshine out of it. No make a difference the scene, every picture has its own tale to convey to and reminds us of our everlasting bond to the Sunlight.

Check out out some of Thakur’s solar images down below and uncover even extra from his portfolio on Instagram.

Photographer Krutik Thakur celebrates the majestic magnificence of sunsets with a collection of silhouette photographs.

Sun Photos by Krutik ThakurSun Photos by Krutik ThakurSun Photos by Krutik ThakurSun Photos by Krutik Thakur

He incorporates the setting solar into each individual scene as if it is a tangible item that his topics can hold in their fingers.

Sun Photos by Krutik ThakurSun Photos by Krutik ThakurSun Photos by Krutik ThakurSun Photos by Krutik ThakurSun Photos by Krutik ThakurSun Photos by Krutik ThakurSun Photos by Krutik ThakurKrutik Thakur: Web site | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

My Modern Fulfilled granted permission to feature pics by Krutik Thakur.

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