This All-White Puzzle Will Challenge Even the Most Patient Jigsaw Masters

All White Puzzle by Beverly

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If you’ve already completed every jigsaw puzzle you own, perhaps it’s time to start one that’s a little more challenging. Japanese board game manufacturer Beverly has created a plain, all-white puzzle that is sure to test the patience of even the most experienced jigsaw masters. Described as the world’s smallest, “micro” puzzle, the “Pure Hell” design features no image to help you complete it—just 2,000 blank tiles.

The expert-level, 18 years+ puzzle comes with warnings such as, “Please do not buy this if you are a beginner,” and “The great king of hell has arrived!” However, if you’re a sucker for a challenge, it’s perfect for staying occupied while you’re stuck at home over a long period of time. With no visual aid, users must try placing each tiny tile together until they fit. While it might sound impossible, at least there are corner pieces to get started. Anyone that finishes it surely deserves a medal of some kind, right?

Eager to try your hand at this challenging jigsaw puzzle? You can buy the “Pure Hell” micro puzzle on Amazon.

This all-white “micro” puzzle by Beverly features no image to help you complete it—just 2,000 blank tiles.

All White Puzzle by BeverlyBeverly: Website | Instagram
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