Three Dogs With Special Backpacks Are Helping Rejuvenate Burned Forests


In 2017, dozens of wildfires devastated Chile’s forests. This string of fires spread through 1 million acres of land, leaving the previously lush areas devoid of trees and other plant life. While restoring these regions would be no small feat, Francisca Torres—the founder of animal-centric community Pewos—has recruited a very enthusiastic team of workers to get the job done: her three Border Collies.

Made up of 6-year-old Das and her daughters, Olivia and Summer, this too-cute trio has been trained to plant flora throughout the now-barren woodlands. Outfitted with special seed-filled packs, the fun-loving pups inadvertently sow seeds as they frolic through the forest. During any given outing, the dogs will plant 20 pounds’ worth of seeds over a stretch of 15 miles, replenishing the affected areas one playful pounce at a time.

So far, the “super smart” dogs’ efforts have proven fruitful. “We have seen many results in flora and fauna coming back to the burned forest!” Torres, who is often assisted by her sister, Constanza, notes. In addition to training the dogs themselves, the pair has paid for the seeds, supplies, and transportation required, proving that this tail-wagging project is truly a labor of love.

If you’d like to learn more about Torres’ inspiring work in her local community, stop by the Pewos website.

These adorable dogs are restoring regions affected by a particularly devastating Chilean wildfire season.

Each Border Collie wears a special dog backpack filled with native seeds

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As the pups run around the forest, they leave the seeds in their wake.

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Pewos: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
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