Edoardo Tresoldi’s Monumental Wire Buildings At Coachella


At this year’s Coachella, Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi revealed ‘Etherea’, three monumental transparent structures crafted from wire mesh.

The site-specific installations at the music and arts festival in Indio, California, drew inspiration from both the Neoclassic and Baroque periods. Created from 11,000 square meters of wire mesh, ‘Etherea’ consists of three copies of the same building in different sizes. Tresoldi explains that the sculptural spaces represent his own investigation structure and design: “[they are] a dedicated space where the sky and clouds are narrated through the language of classical architecture.” The material quality of the building gives them a strange gauze-like quality. At night, illuminated, the architectural features layer shadows upon one another.

As with Tresoldi’s prior work, the three volumes that make up ‘Etherea’ are built from wire mesh: despite their stature, their transparency makes them appear light upon the land. “The installation plays ironically on the dualism between the pure and the filtered experiences that intertwine with one another,” Tresoldi explains, “to eventually leave the man at the center of it all.”


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