Ultra-Cozy Giant Knit Blankets Are Made Without Any Knitting Needles Necessary

As the temperatures continue to dip, it’s prime time for cozy knitwear to take the edge off winter. Last year, we marveled at Ohhio’s ultra-chunky creations that are fit for giants (but make perfect blanket for humans). While they still sell the luxurious blankets and scarves, they just launched their newest product, known simply as Braid.

Braid is a versatile craft material you can use to produce these same knits. “Braid is light, soft, durable, and machine-washable, too,” they tell us in an email. It’s the brainchild of lead designer Anna Marinenko, who had the idea when she and her team realized just how many people wanted to start arm knitting—in which your arm replaces traditional needles—but found their merino wool difficult to work with.

To make Braid easy to use (and suitable for those with allergies), it’s constructed as a seamless cotton tube with a pillow-style filling. Plush and pliable, the strands can fold around your arms into blankets, pet beds, and more. The product has been in development over the past 11 months, and to bring it to life, Ohhio will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign.

Braid comes packaged like this…

…and can create things like these:

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My Modern Met granted to use photos by Ohhio.

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