Watercolor Portraits of Acclaimed Directors Feature Beloved Movie Scenes and Iconic Quotes

Inspired by the art of motion pictures, Hamburg-based illustrator Julian Rentzsch creates meticulously detailed and exquisitely executed portraits of the silver screen’s most prized directors. Delicately painted (both in watercolor and digitally) and rendered in dramatic grey-scale tones, the unique portrayals feature strikingly lifelike portraits of the famous figures. From the timeless drama of Stanley Kubrick to the gory brilliance of Quentin Tarantino, the legendary history of cinematography is ingeniously explored in each phenomenal portrait.

Each director’s face is surrounded by—and even appears to morph into—iconic scenes and characters from his most celebrated films. While some of the motifs—like Inception’s spinning top found in the foreground of the Christopher Nolan homage or the well-known Nightmare Before Christmas scene that seamlessly blends with the lens of Tim Burton’s glasses—are obvious at first glance, others require more of a detail-oriented eye. Like watching a film, the more you look, the more you discover.

Additionally, captivating quotes selected and beautifully transcribed by Rentzsch sprawl across the canvas, and a brief biography of the featured director (namely, his name, date of birth, and a chronological filmography) are cleverly disguised as the credits typically found at the bottom of a movie poster.

Fortunately for us, Rentzsch has collaborated with Stellavie, a “no-nonsense, independent and creatively led, multidisciplinary design studio and manufacturer” to turn this striking series of paintings into a collection of signed and numbered giclée prints. Each high-quality reproduction is printed using museum-quality ink on textured, acid-free cotton paper. You can purchase some of these stunning prints from Stellavie’s online shop, where you will also find more astounding details of the sensational portraits.

Above: Steven Spielberg

Tim Burton

Stanley Kubrick

Quentin Tarantino

Francis Ford Coppola

Christopher Nolan

Martin Scorsese

David Lynch

Alfred Hitchcock

Julian Rentzsch: Website | Behance | Shop
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All images via Julian Rentzsch.

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