Acte TM’s New Sculptural Artwork Reflects On The Possibilities And Desires That Move Us Forward

Directed by cofounder Huth and set to be displayed at Berlin’s renowned exhibition space König Galerie, their latest creation is ‘VS01 (Vertical Stabilizer 01)’; a sculptural artwork part of their ongoing IBICF series resembling a vertical stabilizer—the control surface on the tail of airplanes, helicopters, and other aerodynamically steered machines, whose distinctive fin-like shape improves the directional stability of the vehicle. Made from polished stainless steel and available in a 11-pieces limited edition, the industrial object addresses the connections between artistic creation and the world we live in, while giving viewers space to acknowledge moments of transition and reflect on the emotions that have shaped our experiences of the present and past year—the fin as an object of the zeitgeist, of the COVID-19 immobilized movement and the shifts it catalyzed, but also of progress, hope, and change.

With its ever-changing and reflective mirror surface, the artwork functions as a fleeting record of our surroundings, in which images appear and disappear, just to reappear—a glance at our past but also an anticipatory view of what is yet to come, of places we haven’t been to. We chat with co-founder Sascha Huth from his Berlin office to learn more about the motivations behind the astonishing stabilizer and comprehend the studio’s aim to utilize art as a tool to reinforce society, and transcend creative and social boundaries.

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