Conie Vallese’s Shape-Shifting Sculptures |

Argentinian artist and sculptor Conie Vallese casts faces in eternal states of transformation.

Inspired by her father’s experiments in sculpture, the Buenos-Aires born artist creates small-scale plaster faces that appear to be caught in motion. After studying at University of Buenos Aires, Vallese moved to New York where she made a career for herself as an artist, working on campaigns for titan fashion labels such as Joseph. She has also tried her hand at modeling, becoming the face of an FCUK campaign and the muse in her husband photographer Josh Olins’ experimental series ‘Tierra’.

She is best known for her fluid sculptures and monochrome prints. Her collection of porcelain heads feature mouths left hanging open, faces appearing to look around the corner and contorted expressions. These sculptures work almost like optical illusions: look at a sculpture for long enough and you start to see new faces and new profiles. It is this fluidity and ability to warp perceptions that make Vallese’s sculptures so engaging.

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