Dario Maglionico’s Fragmented Visions Of Reality

Milan-based artist Dario Maglionico creates oil paintings that depict fragmented, illusory visions of reality, documenting the transitory movement of his subjects within the frame.

Maglionico’s series ‘Reification’ and ‘Study of the Dark’ sit somewhere on the fine line between realism and surrealism. Painting with great attention to intricate details within a chosen space, the artist presents domestic scenes with an uncanny, dreamlike expression of time, movement and the way we observe the world around us. More often than not, the room itself in Maglionico’s images appears rooted, accepting conventional compositional techniques in presenting spaces of our reality. This perspective is destabilized with the artist capturing the ephemeral motion of his subjects as if observed through tired eyes or double vision. The people within the frame are gifted extra limbs, their features distorted or erased, and often they appear in various repeats of their own selves. Inspired by the work of psychoanalyst Carl Jung and his understanding of synchronicity, Maglionico offers a contemporary visual interpretation of matters of the subconscious and constructs his own ‘meaningful coincidences’ on the canvas.

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