Graceful And Warped, The Minimal Sculptures Of Carla Cascales Alimbau

Recent finished works include ‘Tulip Noire’ and ‘Tulip Crème’, circular slabs of smashed black and cream colored marble. These sculptures are examples of Cascales Alimbau’s interest in the Japanese art of Kintsugi; to work with broken, shattered, or irregular materials and embrace their marks of wear as valuable. Cascales Alimbau has also created ‘Seda’, a limited edition series of sculpted glass objects with contorted forms. “Glass is a material in which hardness and fragility coexist in balance”, explained Cascales Alimbau. “During the molding of the piece it broke and repaired itself, creating a scar of glass that becomes a beauty trait”. This propensity to see beauty in the broken, epitomizes the artist’s tendency to revere authenticity above perfection.

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