Into The Water By Sonia Alins Miguel

Spanish illustrator Sonia Alins Miguel created the surreal and overwhelming series ‘Water women’ and ‘Into The water’. Miguel’s two-part series of drawings show women floating in undefined fluid. Looking at her art works you literally become the observer. It feels like watching struggles for survival, incapable of doing anything.

Naked female bodies are swimming in something, supposedly water, as the title of Miguel’s drawings suggests. However, the liquid appears to keep a secret. As if guided by an invisible hand, the women seem to be pulled down, slipping deeper and deeper into the liquid. Whereas the body parts on the surface are drawn with clear lines, the parts under water are blurred. Females that are fully possessed by the fluid are deprived of their individuality and cannot be distinguished from each other. On the faces of the sketched nudes you can recognize fear and agony. These feelings correspond with the ominous fluid because both are intangible as well as irrational. While the nature of the fluid is kept hidden, the origin and the cause of those emotions stays untold, too.

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