Introducing Andrea Farina’s Vulnerable Embroidery

Pursuing her passion after hours, Andrea Farina creates intricate embroideries and gouache paintings and continues to experiment with a wide variety of mediums.

“I let each figure lead itself to the type of story it will tell.”
Intimate and vulnerable, Farina’s works explore the human body and what defines humans beyond their anatomy. Through hanging threads, patterns and delicate details, the artist strives to create the balance between the superficial order in our bodies and the inner chaos we carry within ourselves. She says: “From motion and emotion to the more tangible or imagined structures that physically hold us together, I let each figure lead itself to the type of story it will tell.” While discovering this unsound harmony, Farina started to recognize it in her personal life, too, which led her to explore her family, relationships, and memories through embroidery and vintage photographs.

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