Jošt Dolinšek’s To Move The Sun And Earth Away Confronts Viewers With Their Stance On Nature And Deceit

The black and white photographs are intended to denote specific narratives, and to make the viewers stop, observe, and reflect. In the physical form of the installation, mirrors placed in front of the images blur a direct view of the photographs, allowing countless perspectives and perceptions of what is depicted. “I try to use the capacity of image to reveal what is invisible to us,” Dolinšek explains; “to discover an aspect in things and objects that got lost within the depths of our own perception.” Paired with sound, the series depicts a feeling of inanimate nature in decay. “The work [however] is not about any environmental past, present, or future crisis,” the photographer remarks. “With this series, I question the reasons behind these anomalies, how people cope with them and what feelings they trigger.”

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