Susan Phillips Explores Spatial Composition With Minimalist Geometric Sculptures

Hailing from her studio in rural North Herefordshire on the border of England and Wales, Philips’s art has gained international attention for its pared-back aesthetic and unique ability to trick the eye. Informed by an interest in architecture and minimalism, her sculptural work employs planar form and geometric abstraction as a visual language to explore compositional relationships. “I am interested in the way in which a model or plan can simplify our perception, and can evoke in us a sense of potential and possibility,” the artist explains. Carefully adjusting different elements with the aim to find harmony in opposition, her sculptures investigate the interplay between independence and interdependence, fragment and whole, and open versus closed. Intriguing and dynamic, they highlight themes of reinvention and change. “My aim is not to create an image, but rather to isolate a moment within a process of continued transformation,” she says.

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