Through CGI, Digital Art Studio Form & Rausch Draws Viewers Into A Space Of Contemplation

Founded by Hannes Lippert in 2018, the German studio uses emerging digital technologies and techniques to create mesmerizing fictional worlds informed by contemporary shapes and objects. Their stunning portfolio is a combination of commissioned projects for clients such as Wallpaper*, Jacquemus, HD Buttercup, and Vaust, as well as personal works, including the eye-catching settings of ‘A Home of Silence’ and ‘La Maison Dans L’Enclave’. Broad-ranging and eerily enticing in their distinct aesthetics, their digital works explore new directions of set design, lighting, and studies of materiality, in which sculptural objects, works of art, and furnishings sit together to create new and unexpected interactions. Integrating nature and blending it with fictional architecture, Form & Rausch aims to create unique, contemplative environments, marked by the presence of both a playful realism and more ambiguous shapes that fleetingly escape definition. Highlights include ‘REND‘, a digital exhibition in collaboration with New York-based studio TRNK, and interior projects in collaboration with designer Charlotte Taylor, such as ‘Tiled House’ and ‘Gravel Residence’; presented below amongst other impressive examples.

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