With Paper And Dry Ice, Rosie Hastie Creates A Serene New World

‘The Elsewhere’ is a collection of seascapes, where silken water sits beneath swathes of mist and the milky light of daybreak. Yet despite the familiarity of these serene and imperfect landscapes, these locations can only be found by entering a geography of Hastie’s making. These works are in fact photographs of paperscapes that Hastie constructs using tissue, bicarbonate soda and dry ice. The results are both familiar and tellingly surreal. In Hastie’s ‘The Elsewhere’, water washes over rocky outcrops and stirs quietly at the edge of the sand, while white cirrus clouds draw lines across the horizon as the sun slowly dips behind it. “My mind is always in desire of purity and absoluteness, something that cannot and does not exist”, she explains. “Truth and deception lie at the heart of my work”.

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