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Andrea Ponti’s Chairs Are Rooted In Architecture

Andrea Ponti‘s series of geometrical chairs is based on a line-drawn version of window seats, referencing Hong Kong’s architecture.

The collection is called ‘Shadows in the Windows’ and will be shown at this year’s Milan Design Week. It features eight chairs made from steel, with seats attached to a square outline that reminds the window frame. The collection reflects the repetitive grids of windows appearing in city apartment blocks in Hong Kong. Very consistent in its concept and form, the chairs have slight differences and nuances that make them even more interesting, such as little “stairs” leading to the seat. Ponti says: “A second glance will reveal the story behind each window: the story of the person or people that live behind that window, occasionally projecting their contours and their shadows over it. What emerges from that is a unique urban scenery made of frames and silhouettes, lights and shades, textures and colors.”

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