Collezione L!PUFF By Anna Horváth

Collezione L!PUFF is a series of minimalist, post-modern inspired pieces by narrative designer — Anna Horváth, a.k.a. annajames. This unique capsule collection illustrates her charming ability to hopscotch between creative fields, and acts as a homage to her home in Hungary.

Each item is handmade, translating the designer’s visual language from two-dimensional page to three-dimensional space. Colors and textures are balanced by the simple forms that each item of furniture takes. Produced with the assistance of local craftsmen using materials sourced from the areas of Sümeg and Tapolca, the series also uniquely ties Horvath’s work in her homeland of Hungary and sustainable production in a way that doesn’t feel overstated. Using a combination of minimalist concrete panels, stainless steel, and colorful glass — the pieces are delightfully playful. This series of photographs were taken in Sáska, the very quarry that the collection’s unpolished cement was sourced from.

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