James Whitaker’s Shipping Container Residence In Joshua Tree National Park

At the request of a creative client, architect James Whitaker is able to realise a project plan he never constructed, situated amongst the vast landscape of California’s Joshua Tree National Park.

In this series of photo-realistic renderings, Whitaker as architect, photographer and digital artist proposes the fruition of a characteristically experimental project. Taking the form of a clustered assembly of shipping containers, the Joshua Tree Residence will provide a holiday retreat for a film-maker client. The construction plans depict a design-conscious approach to sustainable architecture, and continue an environmentally friendly ethos through the integration of solar panels. Spanning a site of 200 square metres, the residence includes living and dining space, a kitchen, three bedrooms and an outdoor decking area with a hot tub. Whitaker has integrated elements of minimal decor, including furniture designed by Ron Arad. The containers are to be constructed with a square-framed window end, enabling an abundance of natural light throughout the residence, and welcoming the natural surroundings inside. “Each container is orientated to maximise views across the landscape, or to use the topography to provide privacy, depending on their individual use,” Whitaker explains.

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