The Photographer That Is Constantly Silenced And Censored By Instagram

Who decides what is appropriate and inappropriate? In our modern world, we face several contradictions and double standards in terms of what we believe and deem to be acceptable. We boast the fact that we are the most open society regarding sexuality, yet we continue to have underlying ideas that prove our claims to be wrong.

We talk about sex, yet the sight of a naked body is shocking to us. This last statement is almost always in regards to the male figure. Recently, Instagram removed the account of choreographer and photographer AdeY for the third time. What sort of controversial or explicit image did this artist upload? Well it featured three male models, but not in a sexualized or even explicit manner.

AdeY’s work captures those little moments of social oppression, humour, isolation, anxiety and depression. It recognises that we not only change in relationship to our environment but that our environment adapts to what we become.

The images depict imbalances evident in contemporary society today by directly addressing issues of gender, normative behaviour and how society forces us to choose one direction or path. The subjects show our vulnerability, loneliness, strengths and expectations whilst highlighting the correlation between body and space.

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