Charlotte Taylor’s Architecturally Inspired Paintings

Having grown up in a household headed by a lighting designer, British artist Charlotte Taylor was no stranger to the works of Pawson, Bofill, and Barragan. Their influence took a hold of her and informs her digitally painted interiors.

With a degree from Chelsea College of Art under her belt and collaborations with big names like Elle Netherlands and the Print Club London, Taylor has refined and established her own unique style. Sometimes drawing from real interiors, at others from fictional ones, Taylor uses Adobe or 3D modeling software to render the space on her computer. The resulting images are reminiscent of the pastel-hued, geometric buildings designed by great postmodern and brutalist architects. Explaining about her design process, Taylor comments: “my practice comes together as a form of non-functional design, using architecture and interiors references but turning them upside-down.”

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