Studio Brasch Renders Lucid Dreams In 3D

In these hyperreal renderings, plants with velveteen leaves spill from the frame, peach terrazzo tiles stand as backdrops for balloon-like lamps and furniture fit for gallery spaces abound. The series is named after lucid dreaming, a dream state in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming—and can, therefore, control elements of their dream. Drawing upon both his own dreams, and the act of lucid dreaming, Brasch-Willumsen mentioned in a recent interview that this series was inspired by his own experiences: “I can recall even the smallest detail of a dream hours after I have woken up,” he explains, “my memory of a dream naturally turns into a source of inspiration—the kind of inspiration that no one else but myself would be able to find.” In ‘A Lucid Dream in Pink, Sleep Cycle No 17’ we are offered the kind of dream that Brasch-Willumsen may have had, where—by lucid involement—he altered elements of his dreamscape to suit his aesthetic desires.

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