Photographer Notices Burning House During Wedding Photoshoot, Rushes Over And Uses It As A Background For Epic Photos


What comes to your mind when thinking about wedding photos? Doves? Flower bouquets? Building fires? Looks like photographer Megan Allen was clearly thinking about the latter.

When shooting one of their client’s wedding photos, the groom’s stepbrother noticed a huge building fire in the background and urged : “While I’m always game for an opportunity for a photo, Corrie set the bar to level 11 awesome as she met me in the middle of the loft as we ran toward each other after seeing the fire, and she made my night when she said, “We HAVE to go to the fire!”,” shared Megan in a Facebook post.

The photographer took some unique pictures, that we’re sure the couple will remember for a long time. Check out the amazing pictures in the gallery below!

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This couple were having their wedding photoshoot when suddenly one of the guests noticed a fire in the background

The couple and the photographer quickly rushed over to the fire site

Here is the video showing the newlyweds running toward the fire


HUGE building fire during the wedding tonight! 😱🔥

Posted by Megan Allen on Saturday, June 30, 2018

The building fire turned out to be the perfect backdrop for the couple’s photoshoot

“While I’m always game for an opportunity for a photo, Corrie set the bar to level 11 awesome,” shared Megan

The couple are really happy with their photos, and we’re sure they will remember them for a long time


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