True/False By Onformative

Designed by the Berlin-based creative studio onformative, true/false is a sculpture that translates a unique algorithm comprised of the oppositions of on – off, and true – false, into a rhythmically whirring kinetic light show.

The sculpture explores the grey area between the absolute states, making the change between each opposition tangible for the viewer. true/false is composed of circular black metal segments set in mechanical columns, these interlock and rotate around fluorescent light tubes. The cylinders cover or expose the light to display an endless number of patterns which make the sculpture’s facade a constantly shifting artwork that feels oddly reminiscent of departure gate signs from the ’90s. true/false is a machine that constantly generates instructions to reveal images and patterns according to its algorithm. It visualizes the computation process of an emotion and exposes the implementation of these commands via its moving parts. Like much of onformative’s work, true/false looks at different ways to use technology, particularly for the creation of emotional and aesthetically captivating art.

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