10 Of The Best Shots By Artist Mac So Of The Zoo’s Majestic Polar Bears


Mac So is a talented photographer renowned for his specialization in capturing the beauty of animals within the confines of zoos and aquariums. Having previously been featured for his exceptional FAPA-selected works inspired by the graceful movements of polar bears, Mac So grapples with an intriguing question: Is photographing animals in zoos considered a lesser art form?

Despite the undeniable difficulty in capturing the essence of wildlife, Mac So’s journey into animal photography was not his initial focus. Surprisingly, he began as a landscape photographer in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, where the Maruyama Zoo underwent significant renovations in the 2010s. These improvements aimed to provide visitors with a more immersive experience, allowing them to observe animals in environments that closely mirrored their natural habitats. Upon hearing this exciting news, Mac So casually visited the zoo, setting the stage for his unexpected venture into the captivating world of animal photography.

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#1 Pray

#2 Dandy Bear

#3 Hello!

#4 Parent-Child Play

#5 Hand

#6 Diving

#7 Swimming

#8 Snowing

#9 Oh My God!

#10 In The Light


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