20 Spellbinding Wildlife Images From FAPA 2023


We can never get enough of stunning wildlife and animal photographs. Therefore, today, we’re showcasing the 2023 winners and some nominees selected by the Fine Art Photography Awards.

The highlighted images in this collection belong to the professional category, with photographers presenting their work as either a series of two or more pictures or as individual shots. If you wish to explore the complete series of winners and nominees mentioned below, be sure to check out the FAPA page for additional details. Quick reminder: February 11th is the deadline for this year’s competition entries. Don’t miss the chance to showcase your captivating work – submit before it’s too late!

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#1 “Art Of The Horses” (Series) By Antonio Mendes Neto

Image source: tonymendesphotography

“The horses are shown in an artistic way, escaping the conventional and using techniques from various segments of photography.”

#2 “Allegro” By Merlin Viir

Image source: fineartphotoawards

“Estonian native horse Allegro and the cherry blossoms.”

#3 1st Place Winner: “The Beauty Of Swans” (Series) By Peter Čech

Image source: petercech

“About the photography of the swans, I have been interested for about 5 years, every year I am trying to make some small progress on how to be as close to the swan as possible. Every year they will show me some scenes.”

#4 “Catch Me If You Can” By Ahunon Munoz Anthony

Image source: anthony.ahunon.munoz

“For more than 5 hours I observed these European Bee-eaters, who were so funny. The male wanted to offer his future European bee-eater female a nice offer so he caught this beautiful butterfly. Such a nice moment.”

#5 “White Stripes” By Robin Scholte

Image source:

“Searched the South African plains in September 2022 for a herd of zebras to capture the artistry of these elegant animals. A heavily cloudy day so you can take advantage of the light background.”

#6 “Awakening” By Magdalena Stockschläder

Image source: hundertblicke

“I can’t describe a picture that describes itself in more than thousands of words. It is a story about me, and maybe about you. Even in the darkest times, there will be always hope and new awakenings…”

#7 “Gestures” By Mac So

Image source: fineartphotoawards

“The polar bear’s cute, unique, and earnest gesture makes people feel at ease.”

#8 “Beige Camouflage” By Veronika Šandorová

Image source:

#9 3rd Place Winner: “Out Of The Dust” By Andrea Zachrau

Image source: andreazachrau_photography

“Mystic scenery created with flour and Spanish stallion Lio.”

#10 “Desert Camels” (Series) By Joke De Jager

Image source: worldlywondersphotography

“During my trip to Dubai, the first week of March, just before the lockdown, to photograph the serene and beautifully tranquil sand dunes in the desert, suddenly a whole herd of about 40 camels/dromedaries appeared behind a high sand dune, contrary to the report that only camels were traded on the market in town. A breathtaking, unforgettable experience, especially due to the large number of calves, including a newly born white calf. I am so grateful that I had the, for me a once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity to photograph this moment…”

#11 “Floating With Humpback Whale” (Series) By Wen Hua Chen

Image source: Wen Hua Chen

#12 2nd Place Winner: “Footprints In The Snow” (Series) By Marcello Galleano

Image source: marcellogalleano

“Not far from the North Pole are the Svalbard Islands, frozen lands of snow and ice.
At a temperature of -22° C in the middle of a hypnotic white universe, a solitary Arctic fox appears, almost imperceptible due to its ice-colored soft coat. Camouflage, sharp (acute) eyesight, and a fine sense of smell are its allies for capturing prey hidden under the snow.”

#13 “Starships” (Series) By Alexej Sachov

Image source: sachov-art

“You would think that these photos of alien ships were taken with the new James Webb Space Telescope – photos of a colony, a transporter, a researcher, and a shuttle. But it is not the case – the small Nemo gives you a hint about the true location!

You see mollusks in an open ocean 1 km from the coast taken early mornings underwater. Small particles and plankton play the role of stars.”

#14 “Mallards Fighting The Cold” (Series) By Omar Ghrayeb

Image source: ogeevisuals

“As we move into winter in Minnesota, most of the lakes start to freeze up. In this series, you can see those mallards staying active in the water which in return delays it from freezing. This is due to the continuous movement in the water. As it gets colder and colder, the ducks leave the lakes and the water heals up into ice.”

#15 “Ladybug” By Georgi Georgiev

Image source: georgi_georgiev_photography

“The magical hidden world of insects.”

#16 “A Friend Of Mine…” By Taida Tarabula

Image source: fineartphotoawards

“During a walk with our dog…”

#17 “Colombia, Express Landing” By Marcello Galleano

Image source: marcellogalleano

“A mountain toucan, with an acrobatic braking, is landing at the nest where its eggs are.
It is the black-billed toucan that lives in the Andes and wears the colors of the forest.”

#18 “Piaffe” By Ej Lazenby

Image source: ejlazenbyphotography

“Silent but for the rhythmic footfalls and soft blow of breath.

Recreation of 15th Century horsemanship, homage to William Cavendish, within the walls of a fairytale castle with performers Ben Atkinson and Sebastian.”

#19 “Lovely Hunters” (Series) By Robin Scholte

Image source:

“They seem so cuddly and they walk so gracefully, but they are perhaps the most graceful predators of the African plains. In this series, a composition of 3 sisters and 2 brothers at various times of the day, photographed multiple days in October 2022.”

#20 “Vigilance” By Grace Fieselman

Image source: Grace Fieselman

“Bean, the 5-year-old black cat, carefully watching her surroundings.”

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