25 Panoramic Photos That Turned Into Hilarious Glitches In The Matrix


When contemplating panoramic photos, iconic shots by experts like Ansel Adams capturing vast canyons or majestic mountain ranges often come to mind. While these skilled photographers make panoramic photography appear effortlessly stunning, the reality is that capturing the perfect panoramic shot is more prone to mishaps than successes.

Embarking on a visit to the Panoramics Gone Wrong subreddit, we’ve assembled a collection of some of the most amusing photos for your enjoyment below. From dogs with two heads to cars appearing squished into two-wheelers, take a lighthearted scroll through these images. Feel free to upvote the ones that might just trigger a suspicion of glitches in the matrix!

#1 The Mountain Giant

Image source: Quantum_Quentin

Tyranamar: This is an awesome picture! I would be so proud if I somehow accidentally managed this.

#2 Were Told Radio Was A Husky/Shepherd/Heeler Mix, But We Suspect Caterpillars Or Centipedes May Be Somewhere In The Family Tree…

Image source: parenthetical_phrase

Virgil Blue: Who’s a good cosmic horror? You are!

#3 Seeing Triple

Image source: majorjake

#4 Some Horribly Deformed Horses

Image source: Alexispaige1124

The Original Bruno: Top row: “Hey Bob! If we’re gonna share a costume, ya gotta wait for me!”

#5 Ackdhslph

Image source: TheronEpic

#6 Tried To Take A Panoramic Picture Of The Eiffel Tower Today, It Went Surprisingly Well!

Image source:

Elizabeth Elliot: Magneto was here!

#7 Daughter Showing Others At The Playground What Happens When Imitators Don’t Pay Protection Money

Image source: chuffpdx

Virgil Blue: “This is madness!” “NO this is PLAYGROUND!”

#8 Medieval Art

Image source: axaxamasha

#9 Tiny Human Centipede

Image source: yung_summa

the dancing demon (she/her): Kill it with fire!!!!!

#10 My Panorama Created The Horse Equivalent Of A Unicycle

Image source: dmmorri

#11 Wanna Pet My Dog?

Image source: therapeuticstir

#12 Behold, My Hellhound

Image source: HikingPit440

JoyfulZebra: Cerberus’ lesser-known brother

#13 Irl Picasso

Image source: BoringBakedBurrito

#14 Smol

Image source: y_a_e_t

#15 New Model Of Microcar!

Image source: DingleberryMarathon

#16 Vacuum Sealed Cat

Image source: y_a_e_t

Richard Ross (edited): My cat asking for food 10 minutes after I’ve fed him. 😂

#17 Wheely Strange Tour Bus

Image source: thelangers

Virgil Blue: Welcome to the Seg-bus. Don’t worry the drivers is just as terrified of it as you are.

#18 Lil Plane

Image source: miszkulancja

#19 Panorama Of My Horse Walking

Image source: racehorsee

#20 Little Bit Of Nightmare Fuel Found In An Old Panoramic From Eons Ago

Image source: meadcd

#21 My Phone Has A Wide Selfie Feature Similar To A Panorama. You Need To Sit Still For It To Work. My Girlfriend Sneezed, And This Happened

Image source: CrazedPatel

BoredPossum: Zaphod.

#22 I Don’t Know What Happened But I Like It!

Image source: Jibwise

Stephanie Did It: Flat Earthers rejoice, they found the edge!!

#23 Pano Of My New Backyard When My Dog Decided To Run Through It

Image source: Fantasma3

#24 This Man On Google Earth

Image source: fly_pizza_pie

Candace: I’m going thi-that way!

#25 Table Selfie Gone Wrong

Image source: PizzaTwinnie

Cyber Returns: Why do I get the impression she eats children’s feet when they dangle over the edge of the bed at night

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