3-Year-Old Dresses Up As Famous Strong Women To Help Her Grandmother Fight Cancer

‘The project started when Scout’s grandma, her Nonnie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. When Nonnie’s hair started to fall out, Scout got very concerned and I wanted to put both of our minds at ease. I needed to teach her and remind myself that women are fighters! We chose famous & fierce women to teach her about the strength that women have.

‘Scout was learning first hand just how amazing and strong women can be. So we just kept shooting. We planned that at the end of it all, we’d make a picture book for both Scout and Nonnie. We made sure to pick a few of Nonnie’s favorites as well, like Ellen. And Scout has a list of her Disney heroes we’re shooting as well!’

‘This project has probably taught me just as much or more than it taught my daughter. I truly want Scout to be able to look back at this and know that women are just as strong as any man. And to be quite honest, my fingers are crossed that by the time she’s old enough to understand the strength she’s portraying- women won’t be seen as delicate and dainty anymore, anyway. And I hope that when Scout looks back on this, she is proud of who she is and who she will become.’

‘Oh and Nonnie? She is cancer free! So of course.. she had to get in on the photos, too! She is such an inspiration and we are so lucky to have her in our lives! You’re our hero!’

More info: instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

#1 Nonnie And Scout

#2 Malala And Scout

#3 Nonnie And Scout

#4 Scout And Frida

#5 Carrie Fisher And Scout

#6 Moana And Scout

#7 Adele And Scout

#8 Emma Watson And Scout

#9 Ellen Degeneres And Scout

#10 Betty White And Scout

#11 Ellen Page And Scout

#12 Scout And Nonnie

#13 Zooey Deschanel And Scout

#14 Meryl Streep And Scout

#15 Rowan Blanchard And Scout

#16 Scout And Liza Koshy

#17 Millie Bobby Brown As Eleven And Scout

#18 Drew Barrymore And Scout

#19 Scout And Nonnie

#20 Mindy Kaling And Scout

#21 Selena Gomez And Scout

#22 Lauren Cohan As “Maggie” And Scout

#23 Taylor Swift And Scout

#24 Scout And Maia Mitchell

#25 Brie Larson And Scout

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