6 Babies Of Firefighters Posed For The Fire Station’s Cutest Christmas Card

I can only imagine the bond firefighters have among their crew members who risk their lives together. It must feel like a family. A family which the Durant Fire Department in Oklahoma got together for the cutest Christmas card photoshoot.

A crew of 33 firefighters was expanded by the six newborn members this year who became an inspiration for the ex-professional photographer, now a fireman, Richard Parker to turn the annual photoshoot extra adorable this year.

Every year my wife and I put together a Christmas card we send out to different businesses in the city that have helped us out through the year,” chief Roger Joines told ABC News. “My wife and I were trying to decide what kind of picture we wanted to put on there. It’s usually a fire truck or the guys in front of the station. But we had 6 babies this year and my wife said, ‘Hey let’s put them on the Christmas card.’ After that, the ladies took it and they ran with it, getting them matching PJs to wear and everything.

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