A Carefree Trip Through Europe With Valentin Duciel

A self-taught photographer from Avignon, France, Valentin Duciel shares his appreciation for 60s/70s culture through a series of analogue images from his European trip.

“As soon as I can, I flee people, flee the city noise and the smell of exhaust.”
Capturing his companions who love traveling, the French photographer focuses on intimate in-between moments. The people in his images usually contemplate breath-taking views, rest at the lake or just simply spend time together, without too much rush or pressure. During their summer trip, the four best friends visited Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Switzerland. Duciel describes his way of traveling: “As soon as I can, I flee people, flee the city noise and the smell of exhaust, always armed with my cameras and my films. I don’t go very far, without much money, but with my mates.” Through his lo-fi imagery, Duciel conveys a feeling of freedom, the admiration for 60s culture and an ode to the beauty of nature.

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